1964 Lotus Elan Roadsports

This Lotus Elan, although of a similar vintage to the Gold Bug Elan, is a very different animal.

Built and prepared by Ricketts Racing 4 years ago to run in the Historic Sports Car Club “Historic Roadsports” class, the car is required to be road legal with full equipment and safety additions.

The special Lotus 26R chassis is not allowed, and a standard one (and standard suspension) are required.

The engines are not as highly tuned, and there are no lightweight gearboxes, body panels, or pure race components, so a lot of the performance is down to the preperation and experience setting the car up  by our team.

That said, the little black car is only a few seconds behind the Gold Bug on performance, mainly because it runs on modern (far more grippy) sports road tyres so its cornering speed is quite astonishing for a 57 year old car.

John won the Roadsports Championship outright in this car and regularly outruns far more powerful and expensive machinery.

Barry raced a similar but later and slightly heavier S3 Elan Coupe for 3 seasons and did not disgrace himself in it.

The Build

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